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Call of Duty: Mobile - Season 9 Nightmare
Tuesday, 19 October 2021


The witching hour approaches in Call of Duty: Mobile. Season 9 brings two new maps, the return of Undead Siege, the Trick or Treat themed event, a brand-new Battle Pass, and more.

It’s nearly Halloween and the most fearsome Operators are out looking for blood. This is Nightmare, the ninth season of Call of Duty®: Mobile, and we’re celebrating the gruesome holiday in a big way. Gear up for Halloween Standoff and Hovec Sawmill in Multiplayer; celebrate the return of Undead Siege with a new Halloween theme; go door to door in the Trick or Treat event. And that’s just a part of it.

In Season 9, your worst nightmares come to life. Nightmare goes live on October 21 at 5 PM PT. Here’s what’s ahead…if you dare.

New Rewards in the Nightmare Battle Pass

Season 9 is packed with horror-themed content in a brand-new Battle Pass, including free and premium items like new Operators, a new functional weapon, Weapon Blueprints, Calling Cards, Charms, Call of Duty Points, and more.

Battle Pass Free Tiers

At Tier 14, unlock the new Tak-5 Operator Skill; use the ability in the heat of battle to heal your team and top them up with extra health. Get your hands on the new Swordfish functional weapon at Tier 21. Other free tier items include the Striker — Covenant, the Charm — Cymbalism, and more.

Premium Pass Tiers

Get the Battle Pass for the chance to earn all of the content available in the Nightmare stream. Terrify your foes with Halloween-themed Operators like Artery — Nosferatu; Rott —Tomb Bound; Iskra — Arachnis; and Nikto — Scarecrow. Up the stakes with frightening Weapon Blueprints like the Epic Swordfish MK2 , PP19 Bizon — Haunted Haystack, Peacekeeper — Spine Rattle; and more.

New Multiplayer Maps

  • Halloween Standoff: Night falls on Standoff, with jack-o’-lanterns lighting the way. Play the classic Halloween map available for a limited time in Season 9. Beware!
  • Hovec Sawmill: First introduced in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®, Hovec Sawmill takes Operators to the deserted village of Kastovia. Battle around the flaming sawmill and watch for snipers as you traverse the map’s wide-open grounds.

Trick or Treat! Themed Event

Knock-knock. Trick or treat! Go door to door and try your luck. If you’re tricked, complete an in-game task to get your candy; if you’re treated, get the candy right away. Candy awards event XP, progressing you through the event track with milestone rewards along the way. Set your own room to trick or treat, and visit your friends’ rooms, too.

Undead Siege Returns, Plus Other Limited-Time Halloween Modes

Prepare to fight off the undead once again when Season 9 returns with a new Halloween-inspired Undead Siege on Isolated. Face off against more zombie types in casual mode, like the Warden, the Heavy Gunner, and the Pulverizer, and try your luck in the new daytime escort quest. Also, compete in 10v10 Pumpkin Confirmed and in the Battle Royale experience Isolated at night, plus new zombie scares in Blackout.

New Multiplayer Mode: Drop Zone

Get ready for mayhem. In this new mode, first introduced in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare 3, teams battle for dominance over a designated drop zone that rotates throughout the match. The only way to earn Scorestreaks is by holding the zone, prompting care packages to drop onto the map, offering a variety of armaments. Your team also earns more points for each player in the zone, so stack up…but watch those incoming grenades.

New Seasonal Challenges and Featured Events

New challenges bring new rewards like the Thumper, the next weapon in the Launcher class, and the Flash Drone, a tactical drone that blocks the enemy’s vision. Watch for the new Pumped Battle Royale class coming in a featured event — your Operator gains a jet pack, giving you new ways to navigate the map and engage in combat.

Clan Wars Updates

Season 9 doesn’t have a brand-new Clan Wars season, but it does come with a variety of important changes to the system. First, currency will be reset to zero and Store items, as of this season, will start to rotate out! But don't worry, we'll be making items easier to obtain this season and in upcoming ones with significantly increased Clan Wars currency rewards.

We’ll have more updates coming alongside new Clan Wars rewards in Season 10, but for now dive into the revamped system and earn unique rewards like Farah – Jinn. 

New Halloween Draws

Awaken your foe’s every nightmare with new Lucky Draws featuring terrifying Operator Skins and Weapon Blueprints. Get Soap — Esqueleto and the Legendary Swordfish — Calaca in the Dia De Los Muertos Draw; stalk your prey as Gunzo — Devil Jester with the Legendary Thumper — Surprise Party; and toy with your victims as one of horror’s most iconic villains. Live or die. Make your choice.

Get all this and more when Nightmare launches on October 21 at 5 PM PT.

See you online.