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Mission Against Terror 2 (CIB)

PUBLISHER CIB (@Cash Malaysia)
STATUS LIVE : 2014-10-16 15:00:00
WEBSITE http://mat2.cibmall.net/home.html
A whole new look with awesome gameplay, MAT 2 promises an entirely new shooting experience for those who's looking for a fresh gameplay. We have the Transformable Gun (multipurpose) and also action-packed Racing Car Mode that other FPSs do not have and our Mummy Mode will send chills down your spine.We dare you to take a ride on this one of a kind FPS game!

Mission Against Terror (MAT) SEA Region Expansion

An exciting new game from Playpark is set to take FPS gaming to a whole new level. MAT is a casual MMOFPS that has been around since 2009 in Malaysia and Singapore and has captivated millions of users in the past 10 years! What’s more? This game boasts of variety of contents that are constantly updated which consists of new maps, modes, PVE, PVP and many more.

The game is now taking a different direction by expanding the server to SEA region. In doing so, MAT is expected to be able to bring in more competition to the current batch of players which has close to 30,000 active players (MY/ SG).

The new SEA Server goes live on 25 June 2019 and will be accessible to players from all over SEA region.

This is also expected to strengthen the esports movement in MAT as there is the MAT gaming tournament, MAT International Championship, which is held annually since 2012. It gathers the best MAT players from all over Asia and pit them against each other to find out the best MAT Team and wins the coveted title and the lucratives tournament prize.

Game download is now available to everyone in SEA region.
Head on to https://home.cibmall.net/mat2/ for more info.

Join the launch celebration and do visit the official Facebook group, MAT SEA Official for exclusive news updates.